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Ask the WHY the WHAT, WHO and WHEN of a thing or things, otherwise how can you ever hope to fully understand and embrace it?

At INEO we ensure we cover every aspect of your business to give you your best results. We are an ever growing team of innovative, specialised and passionate individuals that as a team combine all our experience, skills and personality to provide ever evolving services and products to the Recruitment industry. To see that every ounce of value is squeezed out of YOUR software, data and users.

INEO care. We go above and beyond forming a life long partnership. From the moment you engage with us, we keep an eye out for you.

  • Introducing tried and tested new platforms that would be beneficial to you
  • Ad-hoc Support & Advice – we’re at the other end of a phone or email at your times of need
  • Highlight threats or opportunities to your business with solutions to remedy or exploit them

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A truly tailored service. Ineo went above and beyond the call of duty. Conquering difficulties with suppliers and overcame obstacles with little to no impact to the project and reduced overall operating costs.

Venture HR

The INEO Team

  • The Coach

    Jo | Trainer

    With over 13 years recruitment industry and CRM experience, developing bespoke cleansing and training strategies, delivering effective induction, individual and group learning plans, I can help your business evolve.

    Together we can transform the way you and your staff approach your CRM, creating effective learning and development, usable business intelligence, effective data management and an all round more positive approach to the CRM.

    Working together, what have you got to lose?

  • The Orchestrator

    John | CIO/CTO

    Enjoying the challenges of the Recruitment industry for 14+ years. I have heard all manner of complaints, frustrations, and issues with technology and processes.

    Surely there can be a better path? I’ve devoted my professional career to finding out what that is. I offer my insight, experience, expertise and now abundant resources to clients in search of it.

    I challenge you to achieve more from your technology?

  • The Web Guy

    Howard | SEO & Web Dev/Designer

    A seasoned professional in internet marketing. It’s a Jungle out there, with your new customers constantly searching for your products. With my help those searchers will become finders… and those finders become your customers.

  • The Organiser

    Jaime | Project Manager

    Always thinking outside the box, I have spent over 15 years working and learning about businesses. Now I help to give people more control and free up time in their business from general admin to social media management.

  • The UX & Data Guru

    Ben | Engineer

    I’ve been working with recruitment systems for over 10 years, ensuring recruiters have a seamless interface, with accessible data to accomplish their goals. By simplifying processes and streamlining workflow, I’ll enable your consultants to be as effective and productive as possible. From systems design, to data optimisation, my job is make your software work better for you.

John was a very welcomed addition to the team at a very critical time in the project. He very quickly became an integral part of the project team, bringing his deep understanding of CRM Systems, as an expert trainer and business systems analyst. He has been able to identify issues and come up with solutions very quickly.

Harvey Nash - Profile RPM Implementation & Business Change Project

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