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Database & Boolean Search


Written by: | Category: Advice & Guides | May 26, 2017

How to search effectively

Not getting the value you envisaged from your database?

Are your clients receiving candidates on your database before you have found them?

Are you able to send targeted mailshots that produce positive results?

It can simply be down to a lack of knowledge or inefficient use of systems AND/OR ineffective coding procedures and structures. All is rectifiable. The longer a database is running in this way the more potential revenue is lost and the more work and investment is required to right it. Take action now!

Here’s some simple techniques INEO successfully use to get the best results out of a sea of data!

Integrate Front, Mid to Back Office & Compliance

Juggling inefficient paper files or nightmarish file folders? need to centralise and structure data storage and reduce processing time?

Ineo Consulting work with businesses to extensively map compliance requirements and deliver fast effective processes through systems configuration and streamlined procedures.

Stage 1 (1 day) – Review of Compliance requirements and existing business processes. GAP Analysis and Project proposal.

Stage 2 (2 days) – Business Process and Systems assessment. Who needs to do what and how it will be achieved.

Stage 3 (TBC) – Project initiation. Systems configuration and Business process mapping gets underway! Existing data is catalogued and centralised, new data storage and usage methods are outlined. Systems specification is detailed and setup. Workflows and procedural documentation is created for handover.

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