GDPR – Less than a year to go

GDPR Timeline

GDPR Checklist

  • Review your existing policies and procedures
  • Take responsibility for data capture, storage and use
  • Justify obtaining data through “clear” consent
  • Action requests for access and deletion
  • Appoint a DPO/responsible person

The GDPR is big business, so if you haven’t taken any action, now is the time to start

Out of the kindness of our hearts, we’ve trawled the wealth of information available and collated the best bits just for you…

Who does it apply to? – All companies processing data of EU residents, of which we still are. The news is Brexit will not affect its introduction.

What is classed as “personal data”? – Any identifiable information: full name with addresses, email, DOB…

Do you have consent to store, use and share? – Generic opt in/out or implied won’t cover it, it must be transparent and detailed; how long you store it, what you will use it for…

What action must I take to demonstrate compliance? – Correct inaccuracies in individuals data, provide ALL data and/or delete upon request by “data subjects” within 30 days. Hold clear policies and procedures demonstrating correct data handling

Data everywhere!

With data being one of the Recruiter’s most valuable assets and contributing to the £31.5bn UK industry; it’s surprising but all too common how scattered it becomes. Using several different data capture methods as well as your CRM, it can feel like a huge task to monitor data let alone maintain it.

Common culprits and big red flags in relation to GDPR include:

  • CRM/ATS/Database
  • Emails, including mailboxes and folders
  • Files and folders, network & local drives
  • Paper files

Do you have any or all of the above floating around your organisation? Are you reviewing these regularly? Is it complete, up-to-date and relevant?

GDPR - Data Flow and Security

Tools To Ease the Pain.

INEO already offer a range of products and services to aid your recruitment businesses in your data capture challenges, in fact we have been offering these way before GDPR was released.

Some of the products and services we offer are:

  • Online portals to provide access to customers. Syncing with your other Recruitment systems
  • Email marketing to get critical consent, manage responses and update data storage
  • Data Cleansers to drastically reduce time and resources to the cause
  • Privacy impact assessments (PIAs).

We are constantly evolving and innovating to better serve the recruitment industry. Call us now to find out more.

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