Do more with less
Tackle the “I don’t/can’t work like that”, “my way is best”, it might be so let’s understand that and replicate it!

Review Systems, Consult & Assist Acquisition

How do you find the systems you need? Which one/s should you invest in? Who and how will it be acquired and then implemented?

INEO’s experiences and that of our clients and past projects provides us with insight and experience of the do’s and don’ts. We’d be happy to help navigate your business safely to your destination/objective.

INEO visit your office or connect remotely at a time and day that is convenient for you, working with leadership, management and users to understand your business and client needs.

With an in-depth understanding of the way you work and your key business objectives, INEO will review your existing system interfaces; specifically your forms, menus and action icons used to complete day to day tasks.

Using our expertise and knowledge of industry best products and practices, INEO will present a report, discuss the outcomes with you and provide advice and recommendations for improvement, giving you assured, clear and concise options for the next steps.

These options may include amendments to your current system, re-mapping workflows to make them more user-friendly, including only relevant fields with appropriate options to capture necessary data with fewer clicks.

Alternatively it may be that your current system does not support your business objectives. It could be more prudent to consider alternative software that could grow more effectively with your business. INEO have industry-wide knowledge of alternative platforms, and are able to manage the tender process on your behalf; from initial supplier contact, to scoring and appraisal, and providing a final recommendation to you.

Once a decision has been made, INEO is here to implement any changes. Please see the below link for more information.

“Since I launched The Barton Partnership John’s input has had a major influence in our success and growth.”

Nick Barton - CEO, The Barton Partnership

INEO Case Studies

  • Business Requirements Analysis, Software Tender & Staged Roll out



    • Existing software not meeting business requirements
    • Finding a fit for purpose solution that will deliver on it's promise
    • Get the best deal from new venture
    • Implement new system across multsite and language user base
    • Manage the change process
    • Attain user adoption and efficient ongoing system usage and maintenance


    • Complete analysis of requirements
    • Create tender and selection framework.
    • Build change management and training programme
    • Release user support, feedback and knowledge portal


    • Simple interface for multi language user base with easy implementation and workflow automation.
  • CRM Software Tender & Procurement

    Rosehill Search Logo


    • Uncertainty about the best fit software for a start-up Executive Search firm.
    • Outlook integration with ability to parse CVs, add Contacts, log actions, book meetings/interviews.
    • Minimal IT Infrastruture and investment


    • Identify a system strategy that would compliment the business plan and aspirations
    • Negotiate and coordinate suppliers; ; demo’s, review Contracts
    • Support Implementation and configuration tailored to business objectives


    • Best fit software acquisition. Workflow focused, cost effective and scalable.