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Data Analysis, Transformation & Cleanse

As part of our data and process analysis reviews, INEO works with you to understand the key business data requirements unique to your business.

We work with your staff in order to rectify known issues, address and alleviate concerns, and ensure what works well for system users remains part of the process.

Once this information has been captured, INEO will:

  • identify issues in data quality such as general contact information irregularities such as incorrect email and phone number formats;
  • data gap identification and misplacement, in areas such as salary information, key skills and competencies;
  • review code structure and drop down options and usage; and
  • highlight opportunities for data utilisation, drawing valuable data from CVs and activity notes.

    With all of this compiled, we will provide a report on our findings, and generate a proposal and action plan. This may include:

    • archiving of data;
    • extracting/importing data from spreadsheets;
    • consolidation and centralisation of data;
    • cleansing of data (amending/removing data that is incorrect/incomplete/duplicated or incorrectly formatted)
    • implementation of a new code structure to conform with industry specialisms; and
    • refining of drop down options.

    Once agreed, INEO can implement the changes and provide training to your staff to ensure your data is kept up to date and accurate. Please see the following links for more information.

    System Configuration, Migration & Integration

    Implementation & Training

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INEO Case Studies

  • Translate & Prepare Database Backup for CRM Migration

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    • Raw database files from previous supplier illegible and unuseable for client and new CRM supplier
    • Loss of and/or consistency of data
    • Ongoing costs and delays


    • Transform incoherent data into cohesive format for upload
    • Manage import method and upload


    • Cost effective, quick and conclusive data and document migration
  • CRM Migration & Data Cleanse

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    • Extract data from old CRM database
    • Reformat for easy and complete upload to new software
    • Retain all codes, documents and activity/note logs


    • Extract and verify data quality & quantity
    • Data cleanse to improve access and usage
    • Prepare all data in required format for migration


    • Simple, fast and comprehensive data migration. Successful accelerated implementation to new CRM.