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Missed Opportunity: Effective Job Posting & Applicant Management

LinkedIn & Job Boards

Written by: | Category: Advice & Guides | May 26, 2017

Whether you have a CRM with a built in job poster and applicant tracker, or separate tool like Broadbean it can be an ongoing battle seeing the wood for the trees.

First and foremost the job ad has to strike the right chord for the right people that you want to attract. Our [product review] of Textio will give you some insight into improved job ad writing.

As important as the job posting; applicant review and management must be given due consideration. You may stumble across the perfect candidate early on, before tirelessly clicking through CV after CV, some of which you or someone else in your team has already read/vetted in the past.

It’s time to be proactive about a task that has suaves of potential for improvement and could make the difference between filling the job or building your network with superb candidates. The typical hit rate is less than 10%. You can increase yours with some simple tweaks to your processes and/or systems, such as:
Centralising the applicant/talent pool to save time reviewing prolific responders and to save money in posting when you already have the talent; and/or
Rating and categorising applicants to search more effectively and efficiently.

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Today’s talent could be tomorrow’s placement. Treat it with care.

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