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Are you getting the most from your Technology, Data and Users?

Considering investing into new or updating existing system(s). What about training? What will produce the best and lasting results for your business?

INEO help recruitment businesses find the right solution/s. We have no agenda other than that of our clients.

As an independent you can utilise our expertise and many years of experience to provide you unique and completely unbiased insights and advice that have proven to reduce costs, improve deployment and maximise ongoing returns and growth in your business.

Analyse & Advise

Barton Partnership
Since I launched The Barton Partnership John’s input has had a major influence in our success and growth.

Nick Barton CEO - The Barton Partnership

Configuration & Application


Is your data outdated and difficult to manage? Do you have codes, forms and fields that are irrelevant, ambiguous or long-winded to complete? Are your searches not returning useful results?


INEO work with the leading technology suppliers in the industry to deliver results that matter to you. We will work with you to fully understand your business requirements and align the systems you use to make them work more effectively to support you as you grow. We’ll advise and assist if you require alternative solutions giving your business everything it needs to succeed.

Configuration & Planning
Implementation & Training
Configuration & Application


INEO handle your implementation and ongoing operations from start to finish and beyond. We perform extensive testing to ensure operational downtime is minimised.. We coordinate your team and any suppliers to align to project deadlines and manage the change process for a smooth transition.