The first image is a lasting one! Are new starters joining without a firm grounding on the best way to work and the tools they need to do their job and ensure success.
In Recruitment you ask the right questions, in technology we do!
You know the best candidate for your clients positions. We know the best solution to your business needs

Workflow & Reporting

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With structured, logical, efficient and effective workflows you can maximise and maintain the benefits of your data and users. INEO have the in-depth experience required within the recruitment industry to enable us to map your business processes and identify the areas that deliver the greatest value, as well as provide solutions to areas that are not reaching their full potential.

INEO will meet with appropriate staff within your business to ascertain your needs, along with your client expectations to create a model workflow. We will then assess your current workflows and provide a report back to you with recommendations for changes and improvements.

If you wish, INEO can implement these changes on your behalf. Please see the following links for more information.

System Configuration, Migration & Integration

Implementation & Training

Reporting is one of the final hurdles to overcome in any business. INEO understand that your data is only as good as the information you can pull from it; and excellent reporting helps you to benchmark appropriately, enhance performance, monitor your workforce and improves communication with your stakeholders.

INEO will work with you to understand your business requirements and your client needs before identifying all of your data sources, whether this is within just one system, across several or held within spreadsheets. We will model your data in order to relate statistics and metrics uniformly across it and connect the sources together.

With all of this information, INEO will then write your reports in the format you request and test them to ensure they fully meet your needs. INEO also provide insights and analytical tools that we believe will improve your reporting as standard.

We hand over management of your reporting to you, so that you are able to run and maintain them yourselves, enabling you to take control and empower your business. These are your reports, and you should own them.

INEO are able to offer training in this area of your business. Please see the following link for more information.

Implementation & Training

“John was an excellent addition for tempest.”

Peter Archard - Director, Tempest Resourcing

INEO Case Studies

  • Onboarding & Compliance Management System with Integration

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    • Heavy administration on existing Compliance management and processes
    • Exposure of Recruitment business to potential fines and law suits over unknown errors or lapses in Compliance
    • Duplication of effort and human error occurrence


    • Business Process Mapping; align human and system interactions in registration, onboarding, placement and offboarding statuses
    • Data & System recalibration; setting up fields and cleansing data to meet compliance requirements
    • Reporting Platform; providing alerts and management of compliance to consultants, management and candidates


    • End to end compliance platform with reduction in administrative effort and effective proactive alerts system
  • Workflow, Codes & Search Enhancement

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    • Over complicated coding system resulting in underutilisation by users impacting search efficiency
    • Disjointed processes providing hit and miss sourcing and business development efforts


    • Code Restructure and Data update; code usage and business needs analysis to derive new code structure with mapping and deduplication
    • Workflow and time motion analysis; identiying keys processes to happen at the right time in the right order. Inefficient and/or valueless processes removed


    • Efficient, logical and easy to use code structure. Fully utilised and integrated business systems. Accurate search. Improved hit rate, success and customer service