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Configuration, Migration & Integration


INEO is the only truly independent and unbiased Technology Consultancy in the Recruitment market. We work with suppliers and agencies to create the best solutions and deliver for everyone. Only at INEO, will you receive a service from a team with experience spanning 20 years in the recruitment and CRM industries.


Why our migration and configuration service?

One of our consultants will meet with you and break down the process of moving onto a new CRM system and cover all the details you need to be carried over to the new system and begin the process of devising a project plan for the migration and configuration team to carry through and deliver.

Our migration and configuration team utilise their years of experience working with different CRM systems and previous challenges to develop the best routes forward for your migration and configuration without encountering the common pitfalls and setbacks companies have when undertaking this exciting new move.

Throughout the process, we will keep you informed of every step involved with extracting your current data, cleaning it to a high shine, preparing it for the loading in process and eventually talking you through the overview of our configuration for your new CRM to boost your company into the future with a sparkly new system.

If you’re interested in a migrating to a new system or need assistance with its configuration, you may want to check out Workflow & Reporting services or Tailored Training service to help with your system and teams development.

“Since I launched The Barton Partnership John’s input has had a major influence in our success and growth.”

Nick Barton - CEO, The Barton Partnership

INEO Case Studies

  • CRM Migration & Data Cleanse

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    • Extract data from old CRM database
    • Reformat for easy and complete upload to new software
    • Retain all codes, documents and activity/note logs


    • Extract and verify data quality & quantity
    • Data cleanse to improve access and usage
    • Prepare all data in required format for migration


    • Simple, fast and comprehensive data migration. Successful accelerated implementation to new CRM.
  • Code Fix, Interface Declutter & User Retraining

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    • Unscalable, inflexible and misused code structure
    • Multibrand user base with differing needs and priorities
    • Cluttered and confusing interface


    • Code & configuration analysis
    • Code restructure & interface optimisation
    • User acceptance testing
    • Modulised and brand tailored training programme


    • Implementation & rollout of a streamlined interface and code structure
    • Time saving of 1 hour of system admin per day
    • Improved user engagement and propagation of system usage and best practice
    • Self maintaining database