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Support & Maintenance

INEO are here through every step of your journey, whether you instruct us for a one-off project or for a full business review over a period of months or years.

INEO are here to guide you through big changes and small tweaks, whether that means we work for you on system integration only, provide follow up training for a system you have used for years, or we work for you as a start up and join your journey in becoming a top recruitment firm.

We believe in supporting our clients through each process, at a time that suits them, and our commitment to you involves maintaining a relationship long after your project ends.

INEO can provide regular or ad-hoc reviews of your systems, data and business processes to assist you in being at the top of your game at any given time.

We are committed to keeping you up to date with the latest industry news and developments; and about products that may benefit your business. [click here to join our mailing list]

When your project ends, our relationship does not. INEO will maintain contact in a way and with a regularity that suits you.

“It was a real pleasure working with John. He had a real understanding of the system!”

Harley Porter - Consultant, Harvey Nash Group

INEO Case Studies

  • Daxtra System Integration & Cube19 Data readiness

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    • High volume inbound CVs, left unactioned in inboxes. Lack of Recruitment activity logging and visibility.


    • Build KPI framework, configure & data cleanse for accurate reporting
    • Align business process and data flows to inbound CV channels
    • Coordination with suppliers for optimal implementation


    • Increased data quality and candidate coverage with full utilisation of Daxtra technology capabilities. Enhanced business information visibility and resulting improvements to data integrity.
  • Front to Back Office Data Warehouse & Report Suite



    • Multiple system and supplier datasources
    • Excessive validation
    • High resource allocation with single point failure
    • Segregated business reporting


    • Connect the data – Data model
    • Translate – Criteria, calculate and measure
    • Use – Present and Visualise; create dashboards


    • Centralised business intelligence platform. User-friendly, up-to-date and easy to read business information