INEO Connect

Plug and play your CRM to website, e-marketing and any data formats

INEO can connect your apps to provide a fluid and continuous working environment. Saving unnecessary admin time, system frustration and user fatigue. Providing the visibility you need to best lead the business to success.


Data Processing endless CV inbox monitoring and processing, database limbo

Visibility & Inactivity Who’s active and who’s not? Warm client going cold! Lack of follow up, conversion


Data Cleanse through system intelligence engine; closing jobs unactioned,

Task automation; Notification & alerts, CV parsing, Booking Appointments, request update CVs, CV submission

We are always solving challenging problems with interesting solutions, and innovative technology. We analyse your business requirements, design solutions, web sites & mobile apps, develop custom bespoke solutions, integrate your off-the-shelf systems with other off-the-shelf or bespoke systems, and add analytics & reporting to your systems.

Approach us for a no-obligation consultation, and we will provide impartial cost effective advise, quotation and execution.

INEO Connected

See below examples of some of the connections we have running and adding value right now!

If we haven’t yet interfaced and connected an app we have the resources that will make it happen. Please enquire now to get seamless and slick data flow and interaction.

Make disjointed, disparate systems a thing of the past!


Middle/Back Office

  • Timesheet Portal

Recruitment Tools

  • Broadbean
  • Daxtra
  • LinkedIn Recruiter

Office Tools

  • Office
  • G Suite


  • Cube 19