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Consulting and Procurement

INEO can review your systems and apply the necessary changes to ensure you get the best out of its capabilities, allow you to collect relevant information, in the best way, as time efficiently as possible

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Data Handling & Migration

Is your data user-friendly? Is it sellable, accurate and being maintained? Are your business processes aiding you in meeting your short and long term goals? INEO works from your business plan and ensures your procedures and data support you every step of the way.

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Configuration & Application


Streamline Workflow

Are your workflows and reports consistently providing you with reliable, accurate and actionable information? INEO can build and adapt these to give you only the information you need 100% of the time.

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Setup & Configuration

Do you have the resource and expertise to reconfigure your existing software or implement a new system(s)? INEO can conduct all stages of implementation on your behalf.

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Implementation & Training


Train & Maintain

Do all your staff have the same systems knowledge? Are you receiving consistent target outputs from all of your team members? INEO can ensure your staff are spending their time in the right way on the right activities.

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Report & Support

Have suppliers given you a package in the past, installed it and then left you to it? With INEO, initial projects are just the start of our relationship.

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