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Buying a new/Switching CRM

Written by: | Category: General | October 10, 2017

Choosing new recruitment software isn’t a simple task, and it deserves your time and attention. Choosing the wrong one not only means you’ve wasted your money, but it can affect your business in such a way that you can’t provide the service you want to your clients.

To help guide you in the right direction, INEO have some important points to bear in mind when considering what package is right for your business.


  • Give yourself enough time to consider the best option

You should know when your anniversary date of your current provider is. You should also have a date 6 months prior to this marked in your diary to start looking around for better options. Leaving it until the last minute may result in a poor/rushed decision simply because you have no other choice, which causes plenty of problems down the line.

Think about what your software needs to do for you, now and in the future, and look for something that matches that as best as possible. Don’t be swayed by sales pitches that tell you you need something that you don’t. This is far more likely when you’re on a short deadline.

  • “Best Value” doesn’t mean the best price

It’s typical of companies to look at the bottom line when making a decision, and whilst this is important, it isn’t the most important factor. It’s also necessary to consider long-term implications of your decisions. Sure, the price looks good for now, or even for the next 1-2 years, but what about after? If your client base doubles, does the subscription price? What about staff turnover? If you require consistent systems training, or substantial upgrade/s, how much extra is this going to cost you down the line?

Sum up: Choose a system and a package that complements your business plan now and give consideration to the mid to long term

  • There is more behind the Sales team

Once you’ve purchased that product, you’ll never speak to the Sales team again. Well, except to purchase additional items that the Support Team/your Account Manager may tell you that you have to buy to make the system work how you want it to.

As part of your tender process, make sure you speak to the Support Team and Account Managers. That way, there should be no nasty surprises when you’ve bought the product.

  • Check the Contract thoroughly/Know your Renewal date

A 12 month minimum commitment term is quite typical. If it is longer, it should be at a discount and one that you have negotiated over. Never take the first price! If you are going to sign up for longer be sure it is the right software for you. Be wary of no commitment contracts, some are genuine and just believe in their software but others use it to get you onboard, then the blindfold comes off.

Quick tip: Please, please SET A REMINDER 60 days before renewal in yours and others diaries. Make sure it is you dictating the terms and not the suppliers who has you contractually bound.

  • What rights do you have to your data?

Read/Check the small print on this one. Your data portability is key and some of the suppliers leverage this and charge varying fees for a copy and even then it isn’t always legible/usable, then there are the timeframes involved, be prepared.

There you have it, some things to consider in your next Recruitment technology purchase. Most of this you may already know or do but we find regardless pressures of a business and that of an industry that is consistently pushing technology results in things happening perhaps against your better judgement. So please don’t be duped or fall prey to purchasing another bit of kit without asking all the questions of the product and your business requirements.

Next month we will be reviewing emerging technology, weeding out the fads and clutter and as always guiding through The Journey™ of reaping the rewards of Recruitment Technology.

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