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Power BI Stats Generation

Written by: | Category: Industry News | July 26, 2017

Here at INEO we’ve been working with The Barton Partnership pouring over the many permutations of statistics we could effortlessly generate from the Power BI reporting platform that we proudly created.

The business now has access to;

  • Board, Management, Consultant and Researcher Dashboards
  • Candidate attraction and engagement by demographics and geographics
  • Billing vs Sales Activity
  • Forecasting & Run rates

The whole shooting gallery – Pulling on multiple data sources from front to back office. With secure accessible and powerful reporting The Barton Partnership can make their data work harder for them and use it to propel the business to the next level, minimising wasted time and energy.

Power BI provides analysis through connection to numerous data sources, whilst simplifying the information gathered into a usable format.

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