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INEO on OneTab

Written by: | Category: Product Reviews | November 15, 2018

Lets set the scene! you’ve got to work, logged in, opened your browser and 10 minutes later, you have 40 tabs open and you’re not sure what they’re all for. Well… OneTab is about to change your world

OneTab is a web browser tab management system which allows simple and smooth management of your live tabs without the need to have 50+ tabs open at once. It is also 100% free and can be downloaded via google in seconds.

OneTab Experience

The INEO Team have been using OneTab for over a year and we’ve listed some of our favourite features below:

  • You can swiftly move tabs to the OneTab vault at the click of a button to reopen later
  • If you’re working through job boards or LinkedIn and have multiple tabs open with profiles you want to keep, save them into OneTab and you can revisit or share with your colleagues in the future to contact quickly and easily.
  • Inside the OneTab vault you can lock a group of tabs so next time you open a browser you can quickly load everything you need in one click and they will remain in the OneTab vault for reuse
  • Even if you close and turn off your PC you will still have your tabs saved in OneTab for next time you login to pick up were you left off
  • You can share a group of tabs as a web page with a QR code meaning you can easily open your tabs via phone or tablet
  • If you want to load your current tabs on another computer you can export your tab urls in one simple document and send it to email to be opened on another PC


If your work is heavily web based and you struggle with keeping your tabs under control, OneTab is the only route for you. The fluidity of the system and the speed at which you can learn to use it is second to nothing else on the market right now. We recommend OneTab to all of our clients and have not yet found a business it hasn’t helped. If you want to make your own judgement, go check OneTab out yourself and let us know your thoughts

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