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INEO on Trello

Written by: | Category: Product Reviews | October 9, 2018

Are you relying on sticky notes to keep track of tasks? Or filling your calendar with jobs to do and never getting round to them? Trello is the answer to all your organisational needs and more…

Trello offers a free online project management platform that can be picked up and understood in minutes.

Trello Experience

Trello is used by the INEO team on a daily basis and below we have listed some of the key features we like.

We found:

  • Tagging team members in comments to quickly update on progress or ask project based questions is extremely helpful
  • The ability to create multiple “boards” meaning projects and then “cards” in the boards meaning things to do within each project, makes it easy to manage multiple projects with various team members at once
  • The user interface is simple and clear-cut, allowing someone new to the platform to understand and use it in minutes
  • You can download a mobile app for the platform and its accessibility makes managing projects on the go extremely easy
  • Uploading documents to a specific card within a project makes it simple to share files for other team members to view.

Trello Business

Trello has a fairly standard “user guide” outlining the basics of the platform and then going into the details of what you can achieve through using it. This is not, however, a bad thing as we found Trello to be so clear and simple to use that the guide available to new users is more than enough to understand and begin using the platform proficiently.


We happily stamp Trello with the INEO seal of approval as you can not ask for a more user-friendly and technically capable project management platform. While you can also opt a for a paid version of Trello, we advise you get to grips with the free option first and then explore the benefits of beginning a paid subscription.

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